Chest exercises. One remarkable way that a person has exercised is that they have good pecs. Of course, push-ups are not the last thing you do, there are people who do it while exercising their entire body so that their result is in an orderly manner, since it would be too strange for a person to have half of their body well trained, but when you see the rest of the body, you will be able to appreciate that it is incomplete, to the point where you will see as if it were a kind of basket, from above it is large but below it is thin.

Working on the pecs is good, as if you keep it strong, it means you don’t need to push or push very hard. This is necessary in the sport of boxing, as the punches will work more forcefully. And in other sports like tennis.

If what you want are several chest exercises to add to your personal routine for that area, then don’t worry, because in this article you will learn about different exercises that you may not have known about for the chest area.

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Resistance band warm up

This is a very simple exercise, and you only need to have a resistance band, since these last twice as long as the common ones, and it comes in handy with this exercise so that they do not break easily. You are going to pass this same bar through a resistant column or better yet a support that is fixed since you are going to need it to stretch your arms. Later you are going to grab one end of this band and you will stand behind the support where the band is, you will grab the ends of the band with your hands, and the exercise is to force both arms to come together.

Dumbbells against the chest

You are going to lie down on a bench to hold 2 dumbbells, you are going to stretch your arms vertically towards your chest in order to let your weights touch each other. You stay like this for several seconds so that in the end you lower them back to your chest and repeat the same process until you can no longer.

Incline Bench Press

You have to lie down on a bench which has an inclination of 45 ° and then obviously hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Then, you are going to stretch your arms starting from your chest outwards, stretch your arms as best as possible and then lower them and return to the starting position and repeat the exercise again.

weighted push-ups

Here it consists of the following way, you are going to place a weight on your back. It is better to have help to make the process easy. Once you have the weight after being in position to do a push-up, you begin the exercise. You are going to do the push-up as if it were a normal push-up, lowering as much as possible so that your chest almost touches the ground.

dumbbell curl

Here you are going to use 2 dumbbells, and you will put them side by side on the floor, then you are going to get in position to do a push-up, you are going to put your arms where the 2 dumbbells are. And when it comes to flexing, you are going to make your chest touch the weights, and then go up to repeat the exercise. Remember that your position must be in a straight line, and that the dumbbells receive the pressure when you are going to flex.

archer flex

Here you are going to put yourself in a push-up position, only you will stretch your right arm so that the left one has all the weight. Later you will flex normally, but the difficult thing is to maintain your balance, so you must concentrate twice as much so as not to fail the exercise. When you finish doing the repetitions you want, you do the exercise again, but this time it will be with the other arm.

The good thing about these exercises is that most of them don’t need as many materials or machines that you may not have in your possession. Sure, the dumbbells, resistance band, weight, and incline bench may not have it, but most of what I’ve mentioned above can be easily replaced depending on your creativity and how quickly you work through obstacles that come your way.

If you want to know more about how to perform these exercises, it is recommended to see images or, better yet, videos.