It is recommended that people exercise. With the beginning of the pandemic, the entire population has the obligation to remain in the comfort of their homes, and the obligation to wear a mask when going outside the home. Thanks to this, many places where people gather had to close or not admit many people inside the place. And gyms are no exception.

This caused many people to start their own exercise routine from home. Many wouldn’t do it because of the excuse that they don’t have the exercise equipment that gyms have. Or that there is no professional who educates them on how to do the exercises.

Don’t discourage yourself. You can exercise from home. Of course it will not be the same as in the gym, but at least you will be able to have the same process, a little slow but at least it will be something. What really matters are doing the exercise well.

With this, I would like to show you several exercise routines that you can use to combine them. You can make one-day train one muscle, or 2 muscles so as not to strain the muscle too much. That is why in this article I will mention some routines for various parts of the body.


military backgrounds

We will place ourselves in a fund position, and we will place our arms at shoulder height, remember that the elbows must be close to your body. And that our feet are a little apart. Once ready, what you are going to do is bend your elbows to lower your body until the upper part of your arms is equal to the ground, and then go up. Doing that 10 or 12 times.

Flexion and rotation

You must get into a push-up position, and then lower yourself to do the push-up. But when it comes to going up, you’re going to rotate your upper body so you can extend your arm up. Then repeat it again but this time it will be with the other arm. The repetition will be completed until you are done with both arms. And the repetitions can be 10 or 12.

Remember that if you feel you can do more, go ahead, but this is recommended. And if you feel that you can no longer do one of the exercises, just do as many times as you can and thus move on to the next exercise.



Obviously, this exercise should never be missing, since, being the most common, does not mean that it is bad. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to add it to one of your daily exercise routines.

What you should do is stand with your legs apart, but not too far apart. When going down you must bend your knees. And make sure that the feet do not rise, if not. It would mean that you are doing the exercise wrong. Your back should be straight throughout the exercise, your hips should be flexed when lowering, and you should look like you’re sticking your glutes out.

Remember that when you go down, you should not go down completely, but halfway down. So then go up to stay straight. You can alternate this exercise and stay in the position when you finish lowering for a certain number of seconds. When descending and ascending, you must do it slowly. It doesn’t have to be that fast, or that slow. Because if not the muscles will not do much.

When you notice that your legs, buttocks and the quadriceps of the thighs start to hurt. That means that you are noticing the results of that exercise.


Lying on the floor

Everyone knows this, and it is that you must be lying on a somewhat soft surface. You have to put your back completely straight and touch the ground. Then you bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the ground.

Now, to start the exercise, you must go up with the only help of the trunk. No boost or anything, just the trunk. In order to rise completely or almost completely. Then slowly lower to the ground. And you continue like this until a number of repetitions.

leg lift

For this exercise you must be in the same position as the previous exercise. The only difference is that you must have equally straight legs. And to begin with, you must raise your legs or higher than you can, as long as they remain straight. And that your body is also straight with the ground. Also, you do it slowly. And again, you can choose the number of reps you want as well as the number of sets you want to do.